The America’s Cup of sailing is the most important competition in this sport, it could even be considered the third sporting event with the greatest economic impact for the host country after the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

The competition itself is divided into 2 parts:
It first establishes which teams earn the right to compete for the defense and for the trophy challenge. Later, the two winning teams meet in the Copa América proper.

Choice of defender and challenger
The club that defends the Cup can choose the team that will represent it in regattas called the Defender Selection Series, which have been called the Citizen Cup since 1992.
The challenger is the winner of the Challenger Selection Series, which has been called the Louis Vuitton Cup since 1983. They are played when there is more than one team contending for the Copa America challenge.
The America’s Cup Match, or Copa América itself. It is the confrontation between the challenger and the defender.

The first defense of the trophy was in the city of New York (1870) until 1983, when it passed to New Port until in 1983, and after 132 years of American hegemony, it was held in Perth, Australia. From that date, the different editions have been held in: San Diego (USA), Auckland (New Zealand) and in Valencia (Spain) two editions from 2007 to 2010.

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