After several years collaborating together with and , working side by side and getting close to each other, Rosana and I have finally decided to create a single line of joint services and create Barcelona Vip Hospitality .

And with the experience of having worked in several editions of the Copa América held in Spain and in other countries, we want to offer our best Hospitality services to receive all the Teams, sponsors, brands and guests who wish to attend this new edition of this magnificent event in the city of Barcelona.

We had been dreaming about it for years, but we never had the time to do it. In March 2022 we have rolled up our sleeves and despite the news that was not very satisfactory due to the invasion of Ukraine, we have thought that after a pandemic, cities come back to life, and what better place than Barcelona to come back to life?

We are not lacking in desire, so we present our services, which we have chosen with great care and care to be able to offer our usual clients, those who have always trusted us, those who are finally wanting to come to Barcelona, ​​to Catalonia and to enjoy everything we can offer you, which is not little.

We want to welcome you to our world of services, expressly dedicated to you, to those who trust us and to those who still do not know us, so that you know us soon, we hope you love us as much as those who already love us.

A hug to all and WELCOME!

Rosario Cellier y Rosana Daries